🍞 ENGLISH MUFFIN BREAD LOAF #experimentsineating

All the crispy, crunchy goodness of a well done English Muffin, full of butter hugging nooks and crannies – but in loaf form – what Magick is that??

I saw this recipe from Restless Chipotle come across my Facebook and I thought – hmmmm, even I, the non baker, should be able to do that. Let’s give it a try shall we?

Here is the recipe:


Here is my video – watch me flounder my way through what should have been quite simple…🀣

I thought for sure I had royally screwed it up somewhere – I have made 1 other bread in my life – I don’t bake cakes or cookies – I’m just not a baker…

But this was so good – like dangerously good. I had 2 pieces for lunch and another 2 with dinner. I’m going to have 2 with my Pub Style Split Pea Soup tomorrow. It’s just that good! Even if I did mess it up a little… 🀣

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