For many years, until my hands got weak and I started getting tremors, I painted fantasy miniatures… Think Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter type things. I absolutely loved it but I eventually reached a point where I was so disappointed with my limitations I gave it up…

I haven’t been in my painting room in over 2 yrs… It was making me anxious and sad and I didn’t deal well with all the feels – so I closed the room off and at one point almost sold it all… and this is a very addictive hobby – I have hundreds of miniatures to be painted…

My hands are still not great but I miss this so much that I am going to try to reteach myself to paint within my current limitations. I will have to learn all new techniques as the way I painted before is just not possible anymore.

So I dug around for a model that didn’t have too much tiny tiny detail that I couldn’t handle and found this Cheshire Cat from a box set of Fairytale Creatures.

Then while looking for a reference photo to use I found this teapot…. WHAT!?!

It’s exactly the color palette I was thinking of – I didn’t paint that, I found it on Google….

So the models range in size and difficulty and this one is bigger than many I have but until I develop new brush skills, that’s what I need.

2yrs guys… 2yrs of missing a hobby I was more than a little involved in. I have to keep reminding myself to go in with low expectations and that I may just have to settle for a very different style than what I could do before but…


I’m going to go pick some paints and start base coloring after lunch…


2 thoughts on “BRAIN RETRAIN

  1. Rhoda says:

    Wow Lisa! What an inspiration! I have faith that you’ll find a way to get back to the craft you love❀️Thanks for sharing


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